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                                                                       NISOC Contractual Model

  NISOC Contractual Model get approval from the board of directors of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) on 2nd of October 2016.

In NISOC contractual model Reimbursements and or payment of all direct and indirect costs and expenses will be made solely through allocation of up to 50 percent of the incremental crude oil/condensate production with respect and in addition to the “Depletion Base Line” or up to 75 percent of incremental natural gas production with respect and in addition to the depletion base line. Reimbursements for other products will be done through allocating a part of the revenues gained in line with the market price of such products.

NISOC Contractual model divided to two (2) main category:

a. Field Based Activities: Including field development/redevelopment, implementation of improved/enhanced oil recovery projects (IOR/EOR) and associated production operations.

b. Job Based Activities: Including all operations relevant to drilling, well optimization and/or surface facilities which lead to increase production rate.

a. Field Based Activities

The National Iranian South Oilfields Company (NISOC) invites credible and competent International oil companies (IOCs) and domestic E&P

companies for cooperation in development of 4 fields including 9 reservoirs in the framework of NISOC contractual model.

The subjected fields are as below:

1)     Rag-e-sefid oilfield (Asmari, Bangestan  and Khami reservoirs)

2)     Karanj oilfield (Asmari, Pabdeh  and Khami reservoirs)

3)     Parsi oilfield (Asmari reservoir)

4)     Shadegan oilfield (Asmari and Bangestan reservoirs)


Minimum requirements for applicant companies:


1)     Efficient technical and operational capabilities for field development including all of the following:

·        Reservoir studies

·        Drilling

·        Well-based activities

·        Surface facilities

·        IOR/EOR

2)     Sufficient financial capability for execution of the project.


Required documents:


1)     Financial documents:


·        Official annual financial report of the company for the past 5 years.

·        Proof of funding.


2)     Technical documents:


·        Company Profile.

b. Job Based Activities

National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) intends to identify and evaluate qualified contractors for well base and surface facility/activities which increase the production rate on following specific and general conditions:

Work Description:

  • Well base activities:

1.      Drilling:

1.1.   Vertical/Deviated/Horizontal

1.2.   ERD

1.3.   UBD

1.4.   Multilateral

1.5.   ...

 2.      Completion:

2.1.   Dual Completion

2.2.   HP/HT Wellhead and Completion String

2.3.   Expandable Sand Screen (ESS)


 3.      Stimulation:

3.1.   Hydraulic Fracturing

3.2.   High penetration perforation

3.3.   Stimulation Fluids


 4.      Artificial Lift:

4.1.   Gas Lift

4.2.   Downhole pumps (ESP/ SRP/ PCP)


5.      Flow Assurance:

5.1.   Asphaltene Removal Chemicals

5.2.   Asphaltene Deposition Prevention


  • Surface facility activities:

6.      Production Optimization

6.1.   Surface Multiphase Pump

6.2.   Surface jet pump


 7.      Surface Facilities

7.1.   Desalting plant Construction

7.2.   Production Unit Construction

7.3.   Gas Gathering System (No flaring)

7.4.   NGL Unit Construction


8.      Any other Well or Surface Facility activity that can increase production rate


Bidders Requirements:

  1. Legal entity.
  2. Technical knowledge and necessary engineering facilities, experience and capacity to provide services according to Iranian Petroleum Standard (IPS) and NISOC Practices.
  3. Adequate resources to finance the project.
  4. Office and workshop with required facilities in Iran (After Signing Contract).
  5. Expert personnel and specialized equipment for the related operation.
  6. Fill the "contractor info.docx" and send to
The subjected package at this time are as bellow:

Job Base Activity Field Remarks
Drilling Ahwaz ERD+ESS+HF
Gachsaran UBD+ERD+Standard gas lift completion
Marun UBD+HF
Hydraulic Fracturing Ahwaz Existing Wells
Marun Existing Wells
Production Unit + Desalting Unit + Associated Gas Compressor Station
According to Mansouri Phase 2 development plan
Production Unit + Desalting Unit + Associated Gas Compressor Station
According to Ramshir Development plan
Desalting Unit Gachsaran Gachsaran 4 desalting unit construction
Desalting Unit Kupal Kupal Asmari & Bangestan Desalting unit construction
Desalting Unit Marun Desalting Unit construction for Marun Bangestan and Asmary sour petroleum
Desalting Unit Pazanan Pazanan 2 desalting unit optimization


It shall be noted that it is necessary for applicant companies to send an electronic copy of the required documents in the format of contractors info.docx and relevant information to the following Email address:

Field Development Docs

National Iranian South Oil Company

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