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Title : MOGPC production target realized
Date : 5/16/2016

MOGPC production target realized


Managing director of Maroun Oil & Gas Producing Company said, this company has materialized its production schedule.

Saying that MOGPC managed to reached ceiling output by producing 600,000 barrels of crude oil, 700million cubic meters of gas and 35,000 barrels of naphtha per day , Jahangir Pourhang added , total output forms 16 to 16.6%  of Iran's  crude production.

Despite all financial hardships, MOGPC managed to fulfill 101% of its scheduled production programs, he concluded.

As a NISOC subsidiary, Maroun Oil & Gas Producing Company  operates and produces crude oil and gas from the fields in the west bank of Maroun (jarahi) River, including the fields of Maroun, Koupal and Shadegan.



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