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Title : Haftgel’s process system to optimize
Date : 5/10/2011

Haftgel’s process system to optimize

  Being located at 70km northeast of Ahvaz, Hatgel is from the oldest south oilfields which discovered 84 years ago in 1927. Highest volume of crude oil was once being pumped from the oilfield

The tender for optimizing process facilities first came out in 2010 then                 Oil & Energy Industry Development Company (OEID), was introduced as executive.

According to NISOC Department of Engineering & Construction which leads the operation, this project includes:

§  Construction of a manifold as well as cluster with capacity of 8000 barrels within Haftgel Production unit.

§  Construction of a production unit and pumping station with capacity of 2500 barrels per day, neighboring Haftgel # 4 production unit.

§  Laying an 8 – inch gas pipeline with a transfer rate of 3 million cubic feet per day, from cluster to the newly constructed production unit.

§  Construction of an associated gas compressor station with rate of 11.5 million cubic feet to be delivered to injection manifold then to Haftgel oilfield.

§  Laying a 12 –inch oil transmission pipeline from Haftgel production unit to Maroun #1 production unit.

§  Construction of a 132KV power electric transmission line.

§  Construction of a power electric post and a telecommunications station.


According to Head of project – Esfandyar Sharifian- executive operation has made 40. 6% headway up to now.

Allocated value for his project is estimated at $75 million.


 As a NISOC subsidiary, Masjed Soleyman Oil & Gas Producing Company produces 120,000 barrels of oil per day out of 10 reservoirs named: Masjed Soleyman, Par Siyah, Anbal, Karoun, Zilayee, Naftsefid, Haftgel, Labsefid, Ghalenar as well as Kaboud.

10 production units, one gas compressor station as well as 3 gas injection stations are operating within company.

Currently, 51 million cubic feet of gas is exploited out of Naftsefid in order to be injected into Haftgel reservoir.

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