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  Karoun Oil & Gas Producing Company

Based in Ahwaz, Karoun Oil & Gas Producing Company  is responsible for oil, gas, and liquefied gas production from fields located  in Ahwaz, Khuzestan province.  Total oil production of this company is about 1,030,000 bpd.  The largest oilfields of Iran( Ahwaz Asmari and Bangestan) are operated by this company.   Karoun oil & Gas producing Company supplies over 500,000 bpd of oil to Abadan, Tehran and Tabriz refineries and redirects the remaining oil to Khark for exportation.  Furthermore , producing 50,000 bpd of NGL has turned KOGPC into a major supplier of Bandar Imam Petrochemical complex.


Marun Oil & Gas Producing Company

Marun oil and Gas Producing Company  produces crude oil and gas from the fields along west bank of Marun (jarahi) River including   Marun, Koupal and Shadegan fields.   Company's output is about 600000 bpd.   Most of Marun's crude oil is sent to Isfahan Refinery and the rest is directed to  Khark Export Terminal.  Operating the largest Gas Injection station of the country  and reservoirs, which are considered as the most complicated in the world, have turned MOGPC into an ideal  example of skillfulness and expertise.


Gachsaran Oil & Gas Producing Company

Gachsaran Oil and Gas Producing Company  operates Gachsaran, BibiHakimeh, Siahmakan, Rag-Sefid, Pazanan, Mansoorabad, and Nargesi dispersed oilfields.

The  geographical dispersion of these fields in Kohkilooyeh and Boyer Ahmad, Khuzestan, Fars and Bushehr provinces on one hand and the inclusion of the Gooreh Pumping Station and the large Crude Export Manifold of Iranon Genaveh Coast on the other hand  make GOGPC as an important active Company in the field of crude production and export.   this company produces over 750,000 bpdof crude oil.  1470 mcfpd of gas and 60,000 bpd of  Naphtha.



Aghajari Oil & Gas Producing Company

Based in Omidiyeh , Aghajari Oil and Gas Producing Company  operates Aghajari, Karanj, Parsi, Ramshir, Pazanan, Rag-Sefid fields inaddition to a section of Maroun Field located  southeast Khuzestan.  The Company produces over 730,000 bpd of light and heavy crude oil, most of which is directed to  Isfahan Refinery, and the rest goes to Khark oil export terminal. This Company produces approximately 785 mcfpd of dry gas, 30,000  bpd of liquefied gas and 7,000  bpd of Naphtha.  The major part of the produced gas is injected into reservoirs; the liquefied gas is directed to the Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex; while the produced Naphtha is sent to the Bouali Petrochemical complex.


Masjed-Soleyman Oil & Gas Producing Company

given the explorations and production dating back to  more than a century, Masjid-Soleyman is the gateway of oil industry to the Middle East.  By annexing the oilfields of LabSefid, Galenar, Haftkel and Naftsefid, the subsidiary Company was set up to operate  oil and gas field of the southern oil rich zones, located north  Khuzestan.   It produces 120,000 bpd of oil from Naft Sefid, HafKel, Qale-Nar, Kaboud and Lab Sefid.   It also produces  195 mcfpd of acid gas from the Jurassic reserves to send to Razi Petrochemical Complex after dehumidification.  In addition 17,3 mcfpd of associated gas and 20 mcfpd of gas are produced  from the Zilayee and Bangestan Reserves of Lab Sefid respectively.

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