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Social Responsbilities

National Iranian South Oilfields Company as the birthplace of the oil industry in the Middle East and the largest oil-producer in the country since long time ago has always known as a leader company and a pioneer in the field of social responsibilities and public welfare services. The main responsibility of this company is to produce and exploit oil and gas for domestic consumption and exports.  But other strategies of the company is achieving to a sustainable, comprehensive and balanced development that caused the measures of this large industrial organization be the source of socio-economic growth, development and prosperity in South and South-west of the country.

Currently, a significant part of the company's credits and capacities is dedicated to implement the public welfare services in various sectors, including road construction, building educational, cultural and sports spaces, protecting the environment, developing the green spaces, and healthcare related services. The value for such projects that implemented in Khuzestan, Bushehr and Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad provinces is over than 10 Thousands Billion Rials that 3 Thousands Billion Rials of which is implemented directly by this company and more than 7 Thousands Billion Rials is implemented through a memorandum of understanding with other organizations.

Main areas of company activities in this regard are as follows :

·       Development and improvement of roads

·       Creating recreational, sport and health centers

·       Beautification and development of urban spaces

·       Construction, renovation and equipment of schools

·       Desertification, mulching and dealing with dust:

·       Providing public welfare services and for villages adjacent to gas installations

·       Cooperation with municipality and police forces

·       Providing a variety of transportation services

·       Providing welfare services for organizations and agencies

·       Planting trees and green space development

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National Iranian South Oil Company

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