The Assiciated Gas Gathering Plan

National Iranian South Oilfields Company (NISOC), the largest oil producer company in Iran, has invested heavily in protecting the environment under a HSE integrated system, in a bid to minimize the environmental impacts of drilling , extraction and production operation across its operational territory in southwest of Iran.

Waste management during drilling , associated gases drilling ( NO Flaring ) , combating desertification, mulching , fighting dust phenomenon , as well as leading research projects on the environment are among the top measures taken by   National Iranian South Oilfields Company in recent years.

The Associated Gas Gathering Plan (AMAK) is the biggest environmental project in Iran’s oil & gas sectors. AMAK entails gas gathering in Abteymour,Mansouri,Maroun,Ahvaz,and Koupal hydrocarbon fields. The first station of the project was launched in February 2005. Since associated petroleum, gases in Bangestan oil layer containes nearly 2.5 percent hydrogen sulfide and their burning would spread toxic materials and destroy the environment, gathering associated gases is necessary. Moreover Iran is the first largest holder of natural gas reserves and natural gas consumption is increasing on a daily basis in industrial, commercial as well as household sectors, therefore processing sour gas is of high importance.

  AMAK is the first fully mechanized project of NISOC is one of the most complicated petroleum industry projects conducted in the western city of Ahvaz by Iranian engineers and technicians. The implementation of this project started in June2000. Whereas associated gases petroleum gases in the Bangestan layer contains sulfur hydrogen, gas cannot be used. Therefore, within framework of AMAK project, a pressure booster station has been constructed near each production station so that associated gases are gathered, compressed and dehydrated before being transferred through pipeline for sweetening and conversion into sweet gas after desulfurization process.  

In other works, preventing spread of environmental pollutants through gathering, dehydration and sweetening of sour gases and converting into rich gas for industrial and commercial purposes constitute the objective of this project. Fortunately, so far, 90% of the objectives of AMAK have been realized and National Gas Company as well as Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex have taken delivery of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from this project.


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